by Jacques St-Malo
Ballista Press

"How can a clock tick if time itself doesn’t know in which direction to flow?"

How does one explore scientific, philosophical, cultural, and moral questions without wading laboriously through the muck of debate and diatribe? If you’re this author, you weave it all into a tapestry of good old-fashioned adventure. Nothing takes complicated intellectual queries and injects them with pulse-pounding energy quite like a rousing thriller—which this novel certainly is.

It is sometime in the not-to-distant future. The world is still plagued with many of the challenges of today such as terrorism, geopolitical chess matches, political infighting, and problematic personal relationships. A new development, however, is affecting all the aforementioned and more—genetic manipulation. The advent of designer babies and cloning has been taken to a higher level. Author St-Malo takes this concept and turns it into an exhilarating manhunt for an individual who just might have exclusive traits that no country wants its rivals to possess.

Multiple characters and storylines play out simultaneously as the author intricately mixes royalty, business barons, spies, assassins, politicians, and plain folk. He blends them all into a funnel flowing inexorably toward a gripping climax. Along the way, a love story unfolds without straining credibility or impeding pace.

St-Malo is a first-rate writer and intrepid storyteller who fills his narrative with vivid characterizations and surprising plot twists. His prose is sophisticated, and his dialogue is particularly appropriate for the character delivering it. He’s managed to create a book that combines the velocity of Robert Ludlum with the intellect of Michael Crichton. In summation, this is a gripping read that will not only engage your adrenal glands but your cerebral cortex as well.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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