Collaboration and Co-Creation:
New Platforms for Marketing and Innovation
by Gaurav Bhalla Springer

"Companies today are dealing with a new type of costumer–one that is better educated, more collaborative, and infinitely more resourceful than at any time in the past."

It is no surprise to anyone that the role of the consumer in today's economy is very different than it was in the past. Today's consumer in pro-active, intelligent, and well informed. In a harsh economy where consumers make hard decisions on where and how to spend their income, companies must not only listen to their costumer's needs and wants, but must create a business model that invites those costumers to feel like a part of the company. And while many books and articles have been written that explore the new, empowered consumer, there has been no definite book that looks at how to implement strategies of attracting this consumer.

Bhalla's book fills that hole. Using various case studies, Bhalla offers his readers ways that they can create and maintain fruitful, open relationships with their customers. This book is a must read for anyone who owns their own business and in this tough economy is looking for ways to make that business more successful. Bhalla writes in a very understandable and accessible voice; there is no business jargon or confusing, convoluted sentences here. By using case studies as examples of collaboration and co-creation (such as a very fascinating one about the success of the Obama campaign), Bhalla makes it easier for his readers to understand the points he is making. The case studies add interest and offer real insight into how businesses use collaboration successfully. It is clear that Bhalla is passionate about this subject, and that shows in his detailed and thorough research.

Today's consumers are a different breed from those of the past. And whether you own a business or work in a consumer based field and are looking for ways to incorporate and involve your costumers more fully into your business, this book is a great resource that is both informative and interesting.

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