The Collective Legacy
by Lawrence Menard
Trafford Publishing

"Chancellor, you were right, the kid is exactly like his father. He doesn't care who he pisses off."

Continuing the Vanguard Chronicles Saga, this book introduces a new generation of characters to interact with the other key figures in the founding and functioning of the planet Legacy. This time around, Jim Chandler, son of Kyle, is the focal character around whom the action revolves. From inventing vital new military technology to functioning as Interim Chancellor of Space Command, Jim, his friend Joshal, James Donner, Marcus Scott, and more engage in missions that will take them to the far reaches of space and a familiar planet. Determined to learn the truth about their ancestors and their own curious circumstances, these adventurers will discover that sometimes knowledge comes with its own set of complications, be they diplomatic, bureaucratic, or in the form of an old enemy making a return appearance.

By picking up further down the road in the history of Legacy and the leaders who shape it, readers who enjoyed these characters in the first book can reunite with them on exciting new challenges. The technology is interesting, the characters are friendly, and the action is engaging in this enjoyable sci-fi adventure book. Readers who appreciate military tactics, space battles, politics, and lively characters will feel right at home on these pages. The pacing of this title is brisk and keeps the action moving even as the setting and conflict changes from issue to issue, planet to planet. Whether you're new to sci-fi as a genre or well-established in the stories and events that are common within these types of stories, this book will be a fun read for those that keep their imaginations active and their minds open.

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