"The evil seraph, the neophyte, and the innocent newborn are locked in a chain reaction of cause and effect."

When death comes calling for a drunk, homeless man, the reaper charged with taking his soul is shocked to learn that no seraph is there to guide his spirit through the afterlife. Breaching protocol, the reaper himself decides to do the seraph’s duty, which involves him in a situation he did not expect. Angrily, the Gatekeeper assigns the reaper to serve as a guardian spirit to a compromised newborn baby that was to be the missing seraph’s charge. The reaper takes on this duty with grave responsibility, despite the mistrust he receives from his former foes, the seraphim. With his assignment born prematurely and the mother’s recovery compromised by her HIV-positive status, opportunity is created for enterprising parties on both sides to try and follow their own twisted agendas.

The author sets his story primarily on two interconnected planes. In the mortal realm, the story of Steve, his sick wife Kaiyah, and their struggling newborn Robert takes precedence. In the spiritual realm, there is the story of the fallen seraph Daniel and his alliance with the Merciless-Death trying to overwhelm the seraphim and take as many souls as possible. The dynamic between these two conflicts creates a cause-and-effect relationship where every human action taken and every spiritual battle won or lost creates changes in the adjacent plane. That intertwined narrative makes for an interesting read, where every conflict is fought on two fronts. Blending the human with the supernatural, this story is about balance more than it is faith, and readers with a love of supernatural fiction should enjoy the clash between angels and demons presented here.

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