Constance Confetti: A Party Animal
by Leonora
Trafford Publishing

"Remember the last party we had? Constance stayed until Tuesday."

Sisters Leonora DiLullo and Brenda Burgard have joined forces in delightful collaboration to write and illustrate a series of children's books. In this latest endeavor, the spotlight is on a pink-tutu-wearing pig named Constance. Constance loves a good party. With her bright red lips, polka-dot bow, and black hooves resembling fashionable high heels, this is one diva that can dance the night away. Unfortunately she has a tendency to overstay her welcome.

An open-house bash is hosted by foxy Sonya, and duck-billed Gertrude. The two welcome a cast of characters ranging from peacocks and porcupines, to snakes and gators. There is laughter, mingling, and music, and some fine refreshments that include pistachio popcorn and an eight foot ice cream cake. But as the party winds down and guests begin to leave, Constance just doesn't seem to get the hint. Oblivious to the late hour, Constance continues to find her own entertainment. Even as Sonya and Gertrude retire for the evening, Constance envisions it as an opportunity for an all-night slumber party with games until sunrise.

This is a fun story to share with children, to implant the thought of being a well-mannered guest. The colorful and detailed pencil drawings serve as an artful compliment to the narrative, and truly capture the humor of this situational dilemna. From the three-piece skunk band and giant red bird with his Peace necklace, to the pajama-clad hostesses with their bunny slippers and hair curlers, readers will be pleasantly charmed. While the concept of making a gracious party exit may be too subtle for fun-loving Constance, smart youngsters will grasp the takeaway message in this enjoyable, creative blend of story and pictures. Perhaps Constance will host the next party.

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