"Even on the darkest of days, good things can happen."

Sagebush and her owner Young Miss awake one morning to the smell of smoke coming from the mountains. A dangerous fire is coming their way. Sagebush and Young Miss immediately begin to herd the farm animals to safety. While evacuating is happening on the farm, in the woods a Shun named Juniper is also seeking shelter because of the tree cutting machines that had taken not only her home but also her parents. Juniper finally finds shelter at a campsite created by a smokejumper that came to help fight the fire. After a long day fighting the fire, the smokejumper returns to camp to find Juniper asleep. Enchanted by the small creature, the jumper asks Juniper to join him for food. After eating, the smokejumper and Juniper hear the cattle in a clearing and go to investigate. There they meet Young Miss and Sagebush who invite them back to the ranch where Juniper is introduced to two other Shuns who have been living on the property. Now Juniper can have a family again.

Franks has created this enlightening story using her beloved dog, Sagebush, who lives with her in Colorado on her cattle ranch. The author writes in order to motivate others to join her in her quest to end deforestation and conserve the Earth’s precious gifts. Franks uses this story, inspired by the actual Hayden Pass Fire of Colorado in 2016, to teach new generations how important it is to respect the environment and use safety measures at all times to prevent natural disasters from happening. She also demonstrates how something good can come from bad circumstances by incorporating her fascinating character Juniper, the Shun. Although Juniper was orphaned due to deforestation, she finds a wonderful new home on the ranch with Young Miss and others of her kind during this devastating event.

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