Corrie's Timeless Travels and Travails
by Iain H. C. Morrison

"She just wanted a look. Just a look to see if the ruin was there and if anything was as she remembered it. Calling Dusty to her, she scrambled once again down the bank, taking care this time, not to tumble or fall. There it was. In the clearing stood, just as she had recalled, the ruined cottage."

Young Corrie and her dog Dusty are out for a walk when suddenly Corrie finds herself three days in the future. Corrie discovers that she has passed through a time arch–and now she and her family are in danger. A simple walk with her dog launches Corrie into a war among aliens much bigger than herself or even her planet, and now she's at the center of it all. Corrie's Timeless Travels and Travails follows Corrie's adventures through space and time over the course of two grand adventures: Corrie and the Time Arch and Corrie and the Chaunt of Time. Corrie's Timeless Travels and Travails contains two related but self-contained stories which tell of Corrie's first encounter with time traveling, and a subsequent story with a Christmas setting and a few names Shakespeare fans might recognize. Odd characters and even stranger occurrences surround Corrie and her loved ones. Will Corrie escape danger before time runs out, so to speak?

Luckily, Corrie is one boisterous character, and not one to be brought down by trivialities like time-traveling aliens trying to take over the world. Corrie's character is a perfectly-written young girl with a headstrong confidence who meets every challenge head on. As her world expands, we learn more about the history of the alien race whose future is intertwined with the Earth's. This world is fleshed-out and has a wonderful depth, with a rich lore and established rules of nature and behavior that are never strayed from for the sake of plot points. Corrie's own involvement is trivial–why the highest alien power is that interested in her is a bit of a stretch–but the resulting story is a fun adventure for younger readers who will undoubtedly relate to the flawed yet believable Corrie.