"Have you heard about this crazy bird?
It’s called the Fastidious Fairy-wren
It fussed over its family of ten"

Barnes’ new book is a series of short poems based upon traits exhibited by Australian birds. Picking one quality the bird is known for, Barnes then makes a parody of that quality in verse for emphasis and comedic effect. Each of these shorts is accompanied by full-page illustrations which are bright, humorous, and engaging. Included in the glossary is a picture of each bird along with a short paragraph describing its habits and identifying traits. Barnes writing of the book was partially funded by an arts grant provided by a partnership between the Queensland Government and the Mackay Regional Council to support local arts.

The rhymed verses put these local Australian birds through humorous situations. For example, the kite is known for excellent eyesight, and Barnes has the bird flying while wearing glasses (although it does crash into a streetlight). The book is illustrated by Stephen Adams, and it is through these illustrations that the book really comes to life. Not only is Adams able to convey a sense of identity through his colorful pictures, he also gives the verses more life than they have on their own. Through the illustrations, young bird lovers may find a reason to return to the book. The addition of the information and the photograph of each bird is a nice touch. This gives the work greater value as readers can compare the bird facts with the parodies and artwork, making the experience more memorable. Young readers may enjoy the colorful pictures and humorous antics of this informative book on Australian birds.

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