Creatures from Spark Stone Mountain
by Beauford Averette
LitFire Publishing

"Alien visitors began disturbing the tranquility that had existed on Exvascia."

An action-packed fantasy of grand proportions, this latest book by Averette ties up loose ends that were set into motion in earlier volumes of his Adralack Trilogy while creating new and intriguing complexities and challenges. Averette’s far-reaching story takes place in multiple locations, from Earth to a dwarf planet named Exvascia. As the book opens, a diverse team of dedicated survivalists is living near Spark Stone Mountain. While life may seem relatively normal to most of Earth’s inhabitants, Art, in charge of overseeing the Denver mining operation, is facing the evil spirit known as Isaku which lurks in his Denver mine. Delbert and his other companions are alert to the danger that threatens all. The ensuing battle for dominance on several critical fronts will result in an even greater threat, including an explosion powerful enough to throw the dwarf planet off course.

Fantasy writer Averette has composed his winding tale so that the adventures never cease but instead multiply on almost every page. Though there are occasional quiet moments, his plot is usually on the move with new tricky situations cropping up to confound the team. Remarkably, the bulk of this imaginative tale is told in dialogue. Readers may sometimes have difficulty keeping track of new creatures, capabilities, and creepy situations as they appear and proliferate so rapidly, but each scenario is brought to an appropriate, usually prompt, conclusion. One could envision Averette’s creation as the basis for a television series with new trials in each episode. His book is fast-paced and dramatic, including touches of romance and humor along with highly creative landscapes, beasts, and enough shape changing, telepathy, and technology to keep fans of both sci-fi and fantasy well satisfied.

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