Criss Cross: A Medley of Thoughts
by Mukta Arya
Partridge Publishing

"The ability to be humble while scaling greater heights is, in my opinion, priceless."

This journal of thoughts and meditations, written by a human resources professional with more than twenty years' experience in multinational organizations, was inspired after a move from Hong Kong to Singapore in 2016. Arya found solace from the "whirlwind of activities related to work" in a new favorite place—on her balcony with a cup of tea. It was sitting there that the writer composed her thoughts on a range of subjects. Areas explored include the beauty of the culture in her new home country, nurturing of relationships, that which makes us content, respect, ambition, creativity, and deep appreciation for the "little things" in life. In her ponderings, the author finds creative ways to connect everyday notions (such as exploring new colorful areas around the city and being happy with what one has) with her professional expertise in human resources management.

Arya's "medley of thoughts" is a beautiful, relaxing read of interconnected musings by an accomplished business professional who seems as at home writing about best HR practices as she is with general human notions of kindness, courage, calmness, beauty, beliefs, and the idea that no act is too small. "What I have learned is that even a single life transformed or influenced is a great achievement," she writes. "Quality is more important than quantity." She poignantly discusses how once she realized her purpose in life—"helping people in whichever way I can"—especially as relates to her work in HR, all worries about career progression and her future slowly faded away. She appreciates that this is precisely the kind of work in which she is engaged, both personally and professionally. It aligns with her life's purpose, thus providing satisfaction to a degree where other factors become secondary.

Category Finalist for the 2021 Eric Hoffer Book Award

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