Crooked Little Birdhouse
(Random Thoughts on Being Human)
by Patrick Caneday CreateSpace

" doesn't hurt to have a dash of naiveté mixed in for those times when we're told we're searching in vain. Some pretty great discoveries have been made because someone didn't know any better."

Crooked Little Birdhouse is a delightful collection of short stories, newspaper columns, and observations about life as lived and perceived by columnist, author, and family man, Patrick Caneday. It's a type of memoir that doesn't just tell the author's story. Instead it tells everybody's story, complete with family characters, everyday plots, and most importantly morals.

Caneday is thankfully willing to share his wisdom. His beautifully written book is full of bright and colorful comments, as well as everyday scenarios written in a way that is never pretentious or forced. Parts are sweetly spiritual without being preachy, while other parts are poignant, and others are just plain laugh out loud funny. This is the type of book that the reader will not want to share with family and friends. They will want to keep their very own copy.

The author reminds us of the important things in life that we may have forgotten, or have been too busy to appreciate. Seldom does such a small book pack such a tremendous wallop—187 pages filled with multiple unforgettable quotes. Crooked Little Birdhouse is wise and witty, clever and captivating, interesting and inspiring, positive and profound.

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