"As in any earthquake, the forces causing the upheaval on the Digital Faultline are below the surface and therefore invisible."

Manchala has been a prominent researcher, consultant, and expert in digital-age business processes for many years. Based primarily in Silicon Valley, he has worked on many related initiatives for almost a quarter of a century. In his highly informed opinion, far less than ten percent of companies succeed as they should in the modern digital environment, simply because their leaders don't know how to use the rapidly changing rules, tools, and protocols of digital technology. It's what he calls digital disruption. This comprehensive yet highly approachable book fully examines digital disruption by explaining it in easy-to-understand terms with undemanding charts, graphs, and images. It relates it to common concepts, such as the disorder caused by earthquakes, and presents several steps, principles, and action plans to help business leaders and ordinary people make modern digital life more predictable, less disruptive, and far easier to deal with.

From the first chapter, where the author leisurely, methodically, and logically compares his real-life experience in a major Japanese earthquake to the disruptive effects of fast-moving digital technology, it's clear he is a master storyteller. This would not be of much value if the facts, explanations, and advice he offered were not sound and effective. But this thorough discourse leaves no doubt that Manchala is the real deal—a dedicated professional who lives and breathes digital data ecosystems and wants to help those who may easily get lost in the technical rubble. He provides a near-perfect way to learn how to stand tall and bravely face "digital disruption" without quaking in one's boots.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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