Crossroads: And the Choices We Make
by Julia S. Dane

"I had not a care of what treasures awaited me beneath the tree because my baby chick from school had died that Christmas Day."

Following the lives and relationships of the main character, Rebekah, this novel is a testament to the myriad shades of the human condition. Throughout, Dane juxtaposes unyielding resilience in the face of heartbreaking tragedy with the light of dreams and hope that are powered by walking in faith. Fittingly titled, the cross of Christ is the ultimate destination where the roads of our choices lead. Scripture embedded throughout the narrative is used to demonstrate the power of a Christ-centered life.

Integrating the author’s background in psychology with her resolute faith, innumerable heavy topics are explored through the lens of Rebekah and her family’s plight. Rebekah’s family became fractured months before she was even born. However, the ramifications reverberated throughout her life in her continual relationships with men. In many ways, this novel is a fictional biography of the hurdles faced in life by the main character, and, more importantly, how to still find a pathway back to God despite it all. In the midst of telling the story through her characters, Dane pleads with audiences to join the community of God, the only one where people can live their truest, most authentic lives. The road to the cross can be embarked upon each day, with the hope that each choice and every word uttered is from a mindset of faith and service.

Though Rebekah is a fictional character, the author herself connects with her. Rebekah’s life has been marred by imperfections, such as learning a doctor’s refusal was the only reason that she wasn’t aborted as a fetus, her tenuous relationship with her mother, losing her brother, and having little semblance of a male authority figure in her life. However, learning how she finds the path of God and unconditional kindness through these experiences makes for a meaningful read.

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