The Crystal Grid:
Five Steps to the Fifth Dimension
by Ruby Nariananda Mayo and Dorothy Ra Ma Seddon Trafford Publishing

"We are reporting this event in this book form as this what Lord Adonis and the other Light Masters desire us to do; inform the people of the world that there are Advanced Beings who are striving with us to bring about changing the world into a Peace Consciousness."

The book chronicles a fascinating journey taken by the above two authors, Ruby Nari Mayo and Dorothy Seddon. Under the direction of an Enlightened Being, Lord Adonis, Nari and Dorothy have for 18 years formed and built the western section of the Crystal Grid, which involved plating crystals on the mountains of western USA, Canada, and Mexico. At the same time, other Advanced Beings and their servers formed their parts of the Grid in their part of the world. Finally, when joined together, the Grid was designed to change human consciousness and usher humanity into an era of Enlightenment and the Fifth Dimension by increasing spiritual awareness.

The book is written in a readable, narrative style, with Dorothy and Nari taking turns speaking about their experiences and actions under the direction of Lord Adonis, whom Nari channels. Both authors are Advanced Reiki Masters, and they chronicle their journey in chronological order, from placing the first crystal on Mount Picati in Mexico to performing holy ceremonies that connect all the Crystal Grids on Earth.

The book is enhanced by black and white photographs showing the places the authors travelled, various crystals and implements, and also altars. Invocations and dedications are done in italics, as well as communications from Lord Adonis, who speaks throughout the book. The text is funny at times, as the two women face very human hurdles, such as running out of gas in Mexico, as well as sad, when Nari is coping with an unexpected illness.

A beautiful, heartfelt book, it is the true account of two women who were and are working for the betterment of mankind.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review


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