Cur Vitae: The Collected Writings of Talrich deYorkshire
by Talrich deYorkshire
Intermittent Publications

"'We’re very different dogs, Titan and I.' 'Oh? Like how?' 'Like, his lunches typically outweigh me.' 'That’s a breedist thing to say, Jack Hammer.'"

Imagine no longer what dogs would say about their masters if they could talk, as this collection of canine-centric stories puts that debate to rest. This collection of short stories features dogs in a number of interesting times and places, from one of the world’s last libraries in a dystopian future to the lonely desert wastelands of Arizona. There are tales of service dogs, security dogs, and even dog detectives and police officers within the pages of this collection. Each story either focuses on or prominently features a dog participating in or observing plenty of drama and action. Spanning multiple genres, time periods, locations, and even breeds, this collection of stories is sure to delight not just dog-lovers but anyone looking for a burst of clever storytelling.

With a handful of short stories, a longer narrative piece, and even some short vignettes and bits of poetry, this assemblage of dog fiction shows off a tremendous range of creativity and technique. Nearly always casting the featured dog in the narrator role and often making them main characters as well, there is a lot of room for social commentary about humans and the things we do from a simpler but clever outside perspective. Some of the selections can be quite pulpy while others follow the treads of more mainstream literary drama. Readers who might be quick to pass on this thinking that it would only appeal to dog fanatics will surely miss out. Even with dogs as a focal point and theme, what presents in this book is nothing but focused, witty, purebred storytelling.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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