Curse of the Putrid Pit
by Helen Olsen
Trafford Publishing

"I knew what Wild Bill was trying to teach us, and how important it was to be honest."

Interwoven between two memorable children's stories is Olsen's not so subtle message: One must always be honest to walk in the light of the Lord. James Michael Robinson, nicknamed "Junior" is on on a camping trip in Rocky Creek with his fellow boy scouts: Brick, Tank, and Baby Face. When Robinson attempts to hide his need for glasses and the group debates on what is a lie and what is storytelling, the scout leader, Wild Bill, narrates the story of Francine Lilly, better known as Fannie Fibber.

Olsen captures the imaginations of children worldwide with the storytelling around the campfire setting. Fannie Fibber is a young girl who concocts one unbelievable story after another without realizing the consequences of her tall tales. One day, due to the conniving Dorius Pickle, Fannie is late to school and sent to the principal's office for making up an outrageous tale of music-playing mudslinger creatures. The story takes off at breakneck speed after the principal orders Fannie to visit Professor Doohickey, a mad scientist who professes to have the cure to lying. On her way to the laboratory, Fannie encounters a flying staircase, a talking cat named True Blue, a bird named Giggle Hawk, and a one-eyed friend named Stone.

Meanwhile, Junior is trying his best to prove he fits in with the other scouts. When he spies girl scouts playing a prank on his group, he thinks of a plan so he'll be the hero. Unfortunately, he doesn't realize that heroes aren't planned, but are made in times of adversity.

Olsen does an exceptional job of embedding learning lessons for her young readers as the story shifts from Fannie Fibber back to Robinson and his fellow scouts. Fannie must find a way to rid herself of the professor's Necklace of Honor, which changes colors and sucks the life out of Fannie every time she lies. On the other hand, Robinson must find a way to show he too is brave and worthy.

Will Robinson succeed in earning the respect of his friends? Will Fannie have the courage to capture the Light of Truth from the goblins and destroy the putrid pit forever? The Curse of the Putrid Pit is a thrilling children's story with a moral that every children is sure to adhere to after reading this page-turner.

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