by David Uquillas

"A macabre sentiment was taking hold of him to leave his imprint permanently and anonymously in the life, in the body and mind of criminals."

David Connor and his fiancée Kate have just moved from Los Angeles to Mexico City. She is a successful theatre producer, while his work involves laboratory science. An event on the public transport in their new city, in which David is robbed of his cell phone—including accompanying intimate photographs of Kate, which are then broadcast via the Internet—will change his life and mission forever.

Throughout the ensuing narrative, the scientist and technology genius invents a way to “tele-transport” through space, using manipulation of the algorithms of the World Wide Web. In addition to his space-travel endeavors, David also invents a series of “payback” fake cell phones which, when stolen on the busy transport stations throughout Mexico City, leave the unsuspecting thieves with a bang of a surprise. Their fingers are blown to bits, and a permanent red-ink tattoo is encased on their body which reads “Cell Phone Thief.” The protagonist, in fact, becomes somewhat maniacal as he reaps so much addictive satisfaction and pleasure from punishing his would-be thieves with his homemade devices.

Uquillas’s novel is a fast-paced adventure, full of surprises, sci-fi overtones, action, and psychological head-on collisions. There’s also much for romance fans—sensual scenes depicted between the two main lovers, including the time they teleport to romantic Sydney, Australia. One could easily imagine this book as fodder for a future thriller movie, as it lends itself precisely to what is often successful on the big screen. Very much like a self-built superhero, over time and with technological perfections David becomes Cyberman, an alternate persona seeking revenge from street thieves. Uquillas’s enthralling narrative packs more than a punch and delivers high-end literary excitement.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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