Daddy's Promise
by Brendan T. Hoffman
Trafford Publishing

"All loss is hard. All loss is lonely. But there is something about the loss of a child that puts it in a unique category."

From the moment Brendan Hoffman received news that his 28 year old daughter Dawn had stage 3 melanoma and it had metastasized to her brain, Hoffman was at her side. In an instant, life changed. While death is imminent for us all, when a terminal diagnosis is given, it sets into motion a whole different set of directives.

In a loving tribute, Hoffman's Daddy’s Promise is a twofold memoir documenting both Dawn's ten-month battle with cancer, and Hoffman's own personal struggle with grief in the aftermath of his beloved daughter's death. Hoffman's writing takes readers on a roller coaster journey, bringing us into the folds of Dawn's illness. Up close and personal we witness the devastating toll of this disease. Herein, the author wisely chose to include a list of protective steps that one should take, in an effort to avoid this virulent condition. From initial diagnosis to the frustrations of bureaucratic red tape, hopeful treatments to the ravages of melanoma, compassionate hospice care to the unconditional love of family and friends, the author shares every detail with raw emotion and an open heart. In a gracious literary light, Hoffman honors his daughter as an effervescent young woman who faced her illness with strength, humor, faith, and dignity.

There is poignancy in the repetitive element of Hoffman's writing, as memories of Dawn continue to resurface. To live and accept the tragedy of her passing, and then share the private pain and sorrow with an audience, ultimately serves as a positive step toward healing. "There is no greater pain than losing a child, but there is also nothing else in the world that will ever make you stronger." For anyone who has lost a loved one to a terminal illness, this story will touch your heart. For those readers lucky enough to have been spared such an experience, Hoffman's narrative surely will prove a rude awakening to the fragility of our lives.

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