"What we take in our mind and body does have some effect on our overall spiritual, emotional, and physical well-being."

Life can sometimes feel heavier for us than it does for anybody else, and in these moments, it can often feel unfair or like a test. In this spiritual guide and advice-based text, the author has divided his instructions into two distinct yet unmistakably related sections. In the first, “What Is,” he tells his personal story, outlining difficulties at school, with his family, and with his mental health, noting his struggles and the ways in which they were overcome. In the second, “What Can Be,” he lays out the titular 18 principles that he suggests living by, quoting various spiritual leaders and showing how a change in attitude and priorities can lead to a far more enriched and satisfying life for anyone with the open mind and spirit to see those changes through.

The strength of the wisdom in this book comes from its humble nature. The author proved very successful in the industry of occupational therapy and chased the “American Dream” to its ends, but when lacking enlightenment, all pupils stand on equal footing. Sinclair is refreshingly honest, baring his darkest moments and personal details that bolster his message but also endear him to and earn the trust of his readers. Despite the quantified subtitle, the text reads like a memoir, largely eschewing itemized lists or step-by-step instructions in favor of allowing the author to guide readers down the path he walked. Those thirsting for more to inspire and lead them can follow the reference section of the book, which helpfully points the audience to books, websites, audio CDs, and more that provided a spark to the author.

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