Dark Winter
by John L. Casey
Humanix Books

"There aren't many choices for us. We are just going to have to hunker down and weather the storm."

Almost everybody on the planet has heard about the dangers of global warming and how people need to be more responsible about greenhouse gas emission to prevent an irreversible planetary crisis. But what if that weren't the entire story? What if the inverse was actually true, and within the next few years, the planet was going to reach record cold temperatures, potential food shortages, and the dangers that come with a more arctic environment? These are the questions put forth in this title, where the author, a former space shuttle engineer and NASA consultant, shares his findings that global warming already ended several years ago and now we have to look to history and solar activity to prepare for a solar hibernation before it's too late.

The author makes several references to the fact that prior to the writing of this title, he had no scientific papers credited to his name and no background in climate science, but the amount of references and corroborative research provided make it clear that this is no miscalculation or isolated finding. Because of the political implications that global warming has had in terms of lobbying, legislation, and even presidential candidacy, some of what is said in this book may be considered controversial, but the implications of what's at stake are too major not to at least consider the alternative. The actual main section of this book is fairly brief, but it is backed up with appendices featuring references, press releases, further arguments, and a glossary. There may be some uncomfortable truths to face in this title, but readers interested in another perspective on climate issues or just looking at all the scientific angles to a problem will have much to consider after reading this book.

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