Dark Network: An Imogen Trager Novel
by James McCrone
Hernes Road Books

"'As I believe I said before,' Imogen began with elaborate patience, 'we did not suspect Kurtz at all—until he stared shooting at us.'"

The author’s novel is a timely political thriller with high-stakes drama and a suspenseful plotline. Agent Imogen Trager is a worthy heroine, navigating her way through a dangerous and corrupt Washington D.C. One month to inauguration day, three faithless electors, as well as Imogen’s ex-lover, Agent Tom Kurtz, were murdered. Now, as the agency initiates a worldwide manhunt for the killers, FBI agents find themselves questioned in regard to their trustworthiness, including Agent Imogen Trager.

Much of the story is told through dialogue. The many characters and their individual motives keep the readers on their toes. Settings move from Arizona to Virginia to Illinois, sometimes by the half page, and this, too, requires unfettered focus from the reader. Eventually, the subplots come together in the end, and the fast-paced conclusion does not disappoint. The Electoral College, corrupt electors, and vote-rigging are the predominant themes of the book. The author appears to know much about these issues, which undoubtedly helps create more suspense to an already tense plotline. It’s up to Agent Imogen Trager to stop the corruption of the President of the United States, and to accomplish this she must uncover and dismantle the Dark Network.

Secret codes and stealth meetings keep the story engaging. Agent Imogen Trager is a quick-thinking and professional character, while also remaining endearing and sympathetic. Her character should appeal to both male and female readers alike, which is always an accomplishment in fiction. This is a face-paced, well-timed political thriller that is sure to satisfy readers of the thriller genre.

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