Darkwind Chronicles: Act I
by Christopher Cifelli

"Be on your guard and face each challenge as they arise whilst under your own judgment."

When Magnetin Darkwind and his friends arrive at a cave in search of treasure, Magnetin feels he can mysteriously find his way inside the place. As he uses his powers to open a door, Shendu, the Gatekeeper, appears and reveals that it is Magnetin’s destiny to become a Dragon Knight. To succeed, Magnetin must complete the challenges that will be put before him by the Guardians of Mother Earth, Heavens, Storms and Seas, Thor’s Hammer, Absolute Ice, Volcanic Flame, and Underworld. So he and his friends set out on a journey filled with obstacles that will train Magnetin to protect Hearth from an evil being known as “Wraith.”

Cifelli delivers an exciting tale of action and adventure that takes place on the planet of Hearth. Using Magnetin’s experiences with enemies and Guardians, Cifelli focuses on how a Draconian evolves to become a mighty Dragon Knight and displays his skills at the time of crisis. All the tests that Magnetin faces are significant since they not only strengthen him physically and emotionally with their varying difficulty levels but also help him obtain different powers, special armors, and Venenum, his Zweihander. Throughout his journey, Magnetin is aided by loyal companions like Delphine Lightwind (a protective fairy), Anita Lastum (a resourceful elf), and Cinghiale, the helpful orc. Together, they work as a team as Magnetin battles various monsters, meets allies, and tracks down all the Guardians. While Magnetin’s fearlessness and concern for his friends make him an admirable character, it is his victory over his inner darkness that finally raises him to the stature of a true hero. The fast pace of the plot, combined with elements of science fiction and fantasy, makes this story an enjoyable one, and readers will surely appreciate this fascinating saga of valor and determination.

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