Dasher and the Sleigh-Train
by E. Dorinda Shelley

"'What will we do if Dasher can’t help pull our sleigh?' he asked. 'We need his strength.'"

When Santa fears his requests for toys are too much for his sleigh to handle, he must come up with a plan to make his deliveries on Christmas Eve. Not only that, but Dasher, his strongest reindeer, is sick and can't help pull the sleigh. With the sleigh overstuffed with toys, Santa's strongest reindeer out of commission, and only a small toy train from the workshop, the elves are sure that all is lost. However, Santa always has a little magic up his sleeve. So before they know it, Santa is showing them a brand new, full-sized train, complete with the filled sleigh on top. The only problem now is this: what will the reindeer do on Christmas Eve?

With its new take on the Santa-and-his-reindeer plot, this makes a nice addition to the family's Christmas storytime. Children will love following the plight of Santa as he deftly, and sometimes magically, navigates problems from having a very sick reindeer to having a sleigh that is bursting at the seams as Christmas Eve is drawing near. The story is easy to understand for very young children, and they will be able to follow the bright, colorful illustrations which match the narrative on each page. Young readers will find a new Christmas adventure to enjoy. For those looking for a holiday book to foster discussions with young children, this one offers scenes that illustrate concepts such as safety, as when Santa is preparing the sleigh for Christmas Eve, and empathy for the sick Dasher. This is a delightful little book for young and old alike.

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