Deep in the Woods
by Vroni Hovaguimian

"Deep in the woods there are hidden paths known only to the forest dwellers. One day an unexpected event occurred that disrupted this peaceful setting."

Get ready for a light-hearted romp through the animal kingdom, with Pfft, a wild cat and her kittens; Scratchfoot the badger; Fuzzy the bear; Clare the doe and her twins; Woosh the bat; and Flitsy a tiny lizard. These furry friends live in a deep wood with lots of hidden paths. After the ebb and flow of their lives is disrupted by the sudden appearance of a fox in Scratchfoot's den, no amount of threats, scares, or condoling could route out the fox. He was full from eating a fat goose the day before. Oh brother, now what were they going to do? It was getting late in the day and badger wanted to get into his home! Finally, Flitsy the lizard had an idea. She told the friends her plan and went alone to Gruntl's house. Gruntle was a large, wild boar with a voice that could lift the hairs off your body. It was so horrible! Flitsy told the boar to appraoch the burrow's entrance and let out a terrific squeal, and the poor fox shot out of the burrow and poured out his sorrows to the forest friends.

After hearing the foxes sad tale, Scratchfoot, being tender-hearted, told the fox his burrow was big enough for them both to live in. Peace and happiness returned to the forest friends once again. For this unique book, the work of three generations came together. With words from Grandma Omi, the artwork is provided by her daughter's animal cutouts and the background scribbles of 2 1/2 year old Heidi. An enjoyable children's story.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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