Deep in Serenity
by DP Jones

"This night was no different, it started with playful flirting then before you know it he lifted Serenity up onto the counter top."

Dwayne is working as a chef in an on-campus cafeteria when he meets an alluring student—Serenity. After some brief flirting, their relationship explores taboos of professionalism, age, and public intimacy, but the connection that the two experience is strong enough to carry them through any difficulty. Fostering their passionate moments into a full-bred relationship, Dwayne falls head over heels for Serenity, and their days are full of both romantic and erotic happenings. Their connection causes plans to change, with Serenity working hard to graduate sooner so she can get her own place and eventually move in with Dwayne. Both of them have ghosts in their past threatening to put a stop to the good times, forcing them to stay committed to living in the moment.

Unabashedly, this book proudly claims its genre as erotica and easily fits into its parameters. Almost every chapter includes at least one graphically sexual scene, and those scenes can involve several peaks and valleys. It goes without saying that this book should only be viewed by adults, as it certainly is intended for constant mature entertainment. While the sex is certainly the most prominent aspect of the book, the love story between Dwayne and Serenity is a particularly honest and powerful one, and readers will find themselves magnetized by the care and affection they share. The looming drama of them getting caught, Dwayne’s past love life, or Serenity’s sexual orientation also provide enough conflict to keep readers wondering how things will turn out for the couple. Those picking up this book should be prepared for page after page of steamy, physical romance. And if this is what they are searching for, they will find themselves plenty satisfied with the end result.

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