Diminished Capacity: A Novel of Legal Suspense
by Leighton H. Rockafellow

"He saw Rogers lift the ax and deliver not one, not two, but three blows to the man’s head just as he would if he were splitting firewood."

One man sees another deliberately killing an injured individual, but what if that isn't murder? Twin boys are killed in a horrible traffic accident. But if the wreck could have been prevented, was it really an accident? These are the involving puzzles explored in this legal thriller that meticulously makes its way from event to trial to conclusion in a story filled with both complex human relationships and intricate legal maneuvering.

Larry Ross is an attorney from Tucson, Arizona, who is caught up in the two biggest cases of his life. One is a murder trial where his client doesn't deny killing his partner but doesn't remember it either. The other is a wrongful death lawsuit being brought against a major corporation. The company is ready to settle with a payout Larry finds phenomenal, but his clients want something more. The lawyer has to grapple with both cases simultaneously while stretching his own intellectual and physical capabilities to the max.

Author Rockafellow not only details his protagonist's challenges in this novel but also examines the toll that is taken on those plaintiffs and defendants directly involved in costly and high-profile legal proceedings. Characterizations are sharply drawn of individuals throughout the chronicle, including a no-nonsense judge, grieving parents, a lawyer far less than ethical, a revengeful dipsomaniac, and more.

Rockafellow writes conversationally and keeps the pace of his story moving swiftly. He includes precise details about police procedures and court proceedings. The dialogue in the murder trial is kept crisp and, at times, appropriately suspenseful. Readers will definitely stay involved to the end to find out how these two major cases—that both inspire potential legal paradoxes—are actually resolved.

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