Dismantling Vindictiveness
by Lillian R. Melendez
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"You don’t know that you are a part of past events that have nothing to do with you…"

Not all is what it seems in this slim tale of murder and deception. The story opens with an urgent phone call: a warning to Oscar Garcia to get out. Oscar is recovering at home from an unknown ailment when his brother, George, calls him. Oscar struggles to make his way out of the house, but an intruder stops him. The story then shifts gears and back to earlier incidents leading up to this pivotal moment with Oscar.

Rival CEO Christopher Parker offers to help Oscar by investing in half of his struggling architect firm. He also grooms an entry-level employee, Bruce, to rise in the ranks and help turn the business around while extending his nephew, James, an opportunity to become CEO. But this new business venture brings misfortune—a budget crisis due to financial tampering, attacks, and even murder. Meanwhile, Bruce receives mysterious letters, telling him to piece together a puzzle forewarning events. His retired mother, Carla, is freelancing for the Disclosure Daily Tribune, where her articles aid the search for a suspect. Soon, everyone comes together in surprising ways to help stop the culprit.

This novel is ultimately a whodunit mixed with a family drama, which Melendez builds steadily toward its final showdown. It's also a cautionary tale of how our past affects the present and the inherent risks of mixing business with friendship. Every character in the story is flawed and with their own complexities, forming a rather realistic cast of people. Melendez is also quite detailed, which at times decelerates the pace of her narrative. However, she shines in particular moments of intrigue. Overall, Melendez has crafted a mystery full of conspiracies, business rivalries, and family secrets. It's a straightforward, quick read for suspense novel fans.

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