Ditzabled Princess
by Jewel Kats
Loving Healing Press

"For Jewel, her physical disability doesn't dampen her spirits. Rather it enhances them."

Award-winning Canadian writer, Jewel Kats, is a force to be reckoned with. Smart-mouthed and curvaceous, her dark wavy hair is complimented by bright red lipstick and a giant hair bow. Yet, while the hot pink elbow crutch may also seem like merely another accessory for this fashionista, extraordinaire, in reality it is a necessary means of mobility for Kats. At the age of nine, she suffered serious injuries in a car crash. Now as a disabilities activist, Kats is one determined diva. Ultimately turning her life's challenges into a popular online comic strip series, she has recently transformed the collection into a refreshing, modern-day reality-based comic book, affectionately titled Ditzabled Princess.

Within the pages of this truly creative compilation, captioned as "A comical diary, inspired by real life," we meet Kats, her doting family members, her frugal hubby, her doctor, her B.F.F., and a host of others having witty interactions with the sassy, central character. Individual comical strips reference the likes of a visit to a pet psychic, (Kats loves her pooches); a kitchen disaster; an unusual belly dance workout; and a fashion faux pas involving a pair of cheetah print pants. Kats undoubtedly displays a keen sense of humor in terms of her disability, and easily adapts it to her writing.

Visuals are certainly an important component of this book. Here the collaboration between writer and artist proves extremely workable. The clean graphics by Katarina Andriopoulos clearly do the project justice. Natural tones and hues aptly enhance the element of realism, and eye-catching color contrasts also draw the reader's attention to the detailed imagery. With this artful combination of talent, the essence of Kats is truly brought to life within an extremely entertaining and accessible format. Hopefully readers can look forward to the further adventures of this confident, inspiring diva.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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