The Divine Miracle
by E.H. Allen
Trafford Publishing

"Oh boy, tomorrow's the day. Tevin's life is about to change forever,” Deborah said with a dry shaky voice."

E.H. Allen's electrifying science fiction novels depicts Tevin "Dakota" Evans as a boy who uses his superhuman abilities to perform miracles throughout the different universes. Reminiscent of Back to the Future, The Divine Miracle is like a thrilling roller coaster ride—just when you think it's slowing down, it picks up speed and drives everyone into a frenzy.

After being struck by lightning, Tevin, a rather ordinary twelve-year-old evolves into the divine healer known as Dakota Evans. Though the story opens up with Tevin, the 129-year-old ageless wonder, Allen retraces back to how it all began. Tevin Dakota Evans, or simply Dakota, uses his superior strength and flying abilities to singlehandedly change the outcome of the universe: he saves his friends from certain death, saves a 13-year-old boy—the future president of the United States—from drowning, rescues people from a blaze, and much more.

On the exterior, The Divine Miracle is an action-packed entertaining book with hardly a dull moment. Digging deeper, however, readers will discern Allen’s arguments on the issues of race, sexuality, bullying, and, on a larger scale, 9/11 and the overall safety of mankind. Interestingly, the author also touches on the idea of habitation, or life on Mars. In this book, Dakota, along with the help of top notch scientists and engineers, creates a breathable atmosphere on Mars that essentially allows it to function in the same way as earth. Perhaps the most intriguing miracle, of all that Dakota performs, is his ability to birth children after his freak encounter with lightning.

Overall, the bookis infused with constant action and flows at a breakneck speed. Though this book will require patience to wade through the breaks in time, universes, and many different characters, The Divine Miracle is perfect for those who enjoy reading science fiction in its natural form.

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