"As soon as we can change our identity from, 'I've been abandoned,' to, 'I'm starting over,' we will feel a whole lot better."

During divorce proceedings, it's not uncommon to experience a sense of isolation. Although it's common knowledge that about half of all marriages end in divorce, it can feel to the divorcee as though nobody could truly understand what that person is going through. Romer's book isn't a guide to divorce proceedings; rather, it's a pocket companion that provides comfort and words of wisdom to help divorcees navigate the beginnings of their new lives.

Romer has organized her book into bite-size sections, which essentially provide mini therapy sessions for readers. She addresses the common emotional obstacles divorcees face, including the fear of being alone, the feeling of being abandoned, and the sense of damaged self-esteem. Throughout, Romer injects her exploration of divorce issues with unwavering positivity, born of her faith. She provides a comprehensive continuum of advice for readers, from coping with the initial aftermath of a separation to moving forward and starting a new life.

Divorcees may find solace in reading the many personal stories sprinkled throughout Romer's book. She shares her own story of divorce and how she moved forward with her life, along with the stories of many other people, both men and women. These personal stories help remind the reader that life is by nature unpredictable; while perfect control is impossible, one's own reactions are modifiable.

Romer uses an agreeably friendly writing style. Readers may feel as though they're listening to a close confidante. She thoughtfully provides brief summaries at the end of the personal stories to reiterate life lessons and advice. Readers who do not share the author's religious affiliation may not connect with the frequent mentions of prayer and God; however, there is plenty of sage advice for individuals from all walks of life.

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