Do I Have Friends?
by Lori Joan Morgan
Trafford Publishing

"This is Sam and he is sad. He doesn't think he has any friends."

Sam the horse feels lonely and is convinced that he has no friends to play with. When his mother suggests he go for a walk, he plans a trip to the orchard. Appy, another horse, asks Sam where he's headed to and, when she finds out about the plan, suggests that they invite others along. Sam goes to invite Joanne while Appy sees if Andy would like to come along as well. As the four horses get ready to set out, they meet Stanley, who is new in town. Together the group reaches the orchard and begins to explore and have fun together. Sam learns a valuable lesson in that part of being a friend is being outgoing and inviting to others in order to cultivate new connections and maintain existing ones.

Bright cartoonish illustrations depict the stages of Sam's adventure, from his loneliness at home to the romp that all the horses engage in at the orchard. The vocabulary of this book is easy enough to encourage readers to read instead of be read to, and the antics of the silly horses will bring out some laughs. Through this book, the value of being a good friend will become clear to children and give them some ideas on how to exercise that value. The use of horses is sure to appeal to fans of the animal, while the take-home message applies to all young readers. This title is good for sharing a quick story, particularly with children who are developing their social skills.

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