Does Everyone Get a Turn to Be God
by Nemo Tee Noon, MD
Trafford Publishing

"I sort of did become the brilliant daughter that my mother always wanted...."

Noon takes us on a journey into his life, his battles with sexual identity and multiple neuropsychiatric disorders. This is the background that led him to study the brain as well as speculate on the nature of God, life on earth, and life in the hereafter, thus setting the motivation that culminated in his search for a reason why we are here. Whereas Pierre Teilhard de Chardin introduced us to the noosphere, where all knowledge is available to and accessible by everyone, Noon uses the discovery of the God Particle, that imparts mass to all other particles, to support his mind-soul, physical, theory of consciousness. "…if God might be a single particle of matter, and you and I are made in God's image, then… you and I also… might be a single particle…."

The latter half of his work takes us into a realm that reads like fabulous science fiction. Noon posits that with new technology we can be free of pain. Further, he believes our minds survive death and it is the mind that is reborn. He will have us believe that the Earth is the center of the universe, and that we live on an Earth that is hell because extraterrestrial space aliens interfere with God's will because of their jealousy. As a psychiatrist with a background in biophysics, bioengineering, and electroencephalography technology Noon has created a book that will appeal to those who speculate about the meaning of our lives, the hereafter, God, or the triumvirate.

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