The Dog and the Pram: A Jimmy James Story
by John W. Paull
Trafford Publishing

"Jimmy James is very brave. Even though the dog is bigger than Jimmy James, he rushes out from under the pram straight at the dog."

Pets are frequently the unsung heroes of families. Some are loud and occasionally destructive. Others might appear to be shy or even aloof. Yet despite their personality quirks, pets normally bring comfort from the daily stresses their owners face. A few serve even further, protecting the family when danger threatens. The author's charming tale, which is based upon the adventures of his own family's cat, describes a time when a plucky feline became a hero.

The present story, the first in a series about the golden tabby, takes place when the family is living in North London and the twins are still infants. While some cats are jealous of small children and will have little to do with them, Jimmy James is the exact opposite. He keeps a close eye on them and their pram, carefully scrutinizing any visitors such as birds, the milkman, or the postman. One day when Mummy steps into the house and Jimmy James is resting under the pram, a dog comes into the yard and starts jumping on the pram and barking, frightening the children. Suddenly, despite being much smaller than the attacker, Jimmy James rushes toward the dog and scares him away, proving to the family his protective nature.

For people who have only a superficial knowledge of cats, the tale may seem far-fetched, but many similar cases have been documented of cats protecting infants and toddlers from larger attackers. Paull's story is not only true-to-life it is also well-paced for very young children. In his other works, the author uses an adolescent illustrator to appeal even more deeply to his target audience. In short, this book is an entertaining homage to a valued member of the family.

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