Donkeys Are Special and So Are You
by T.W. Krueger
Donkey Publishing

"Anna poked her head through the small opening between the fence and the gate to reach for her prize. Can you guess what happened next?"

What do donkeys and children have in common? They both get into a lot of silly trouble! Luckily, the donkeys in this book always learn from their mistakes. Donkeys are Special is a book of nine short stories about the miniature donkeys of Brayfields Farm, and the many adventures they get into. The stories introduce a cast of donkey characters, each with his or her distinct personality, like the energetic Marcy May, the curious Kami and Shelby, and the reliable Mr. Glo. The book presents each donkey and shows how their personalities and curious natures sometimes lead them into pretty sticky situations. Whether a donkey has her head stuck in a ladder or eats a few too many treats, each story ends with a clear lesson spelled out for the readers.

The stories are accompanied by the whimsical illustrations of Lisa Bohart, whose soft coloring brings the donkeys to life on the page. In fact, the drawings and the writing make the donkeys seem so real that you get the sense that they are. The book feels like a loving collection of stories that have actually happened on the author's real Brayfields Farm.

Each story is an amusing way to teach children a lesson, like the importance of being careful or being considerate of others. The stories are written in simple language befitting children, although the author sometimes inserts words and comparisons that young children may not understand (such as a turtle's shell that "shimmered like a hologram.") The book is a wonderful addition to any animal-loving child's library. Children can laugh at the donkeys' antics, and learn some important lessons as they do. At the end of each story, the author makes sure that children know that donkeys are special—just like every child.

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