Don't Be Afraid of the Dark:
Nicky Moonbeam Saves
by Wanda Cavaliere Trafford Publishing

"If only you believe, you can achieve anything."

Nicky Moonbeam, The Man in the Moon, has two very important tasks he must perform each night. First, he gives all the children of the world a giant hug with his long moonbeam arms. Then, he works as the "Big Night-Light" in the sky so children won't be afraid of the dark.

When Christmas Eve arrives, Nicky receives an emergency signal from the North Pole. Rudolph has come down with a cold and can't guide Santa's sleigh. The snow is falling faster and thicker by the minute while the mischievous Dream Stealers are playing practical jokes and pranks on Santa's elves and reindeer.

Nicky must help save Christmas. Yet, he worries that his moonbeams won't be bright enough to guide Santa's sleigh. He is entering his "new moon" beam phase. Nicky quickly realizes he must overcome his fear and find a way to have the Dream Stealers and elves work together. Children cannot be disappointed on Christmas morning.

Cavaliere created the Nicky Moonbeam character when she was a little girl to help deal with her fear of the dark. Fast forward years later and the result is a heartwarming story with an important lesson children can take to heart. Beautiful illustrations accompany the story, helping Nicky and his friends come to life. It's the first in a series of twelve planned books, which is sure to delight children who are looking forward to discovering Nicky's next adventure.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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