Dragon Head
by James Houston Turner
Regis Books

"Yes, Talanov was a walking dead man, while he, Wu Chee Ming, was about to become a ghost."

In the continuing saga of former KGB colonel Aleksandr Talanov, the notorious gang leader Dexter Moran, better known as Dragon Head, seeks Talanov in order to obtain his vast fortune located in an off-shore account. Unbeknownst to both, the money has been stolen, and though all the people that Talanov cares for—his lover, daughter, and minions—are now in danger from Dragon Head, he must first find the missing money before he can save them. However, there are other variables at work as Talanov races the clock. Dragon Head has his own rivals who wish to possess this huge sum of money. The governments of the United States and China are involved, and Talanov’s old KGB partner, Sophia, whom he thought he had killed, is also back in the picture. Will anyone come out of the quagmire unscathed?

Though this is the latest novel in a series, it works beautifully as a stand-alone work of fiction. The characters are well-rounded, and the author gives enough background information to afford readers a strong foothold in Talanov’s world without overwhelming them. As there are plenty of plot twists to keep them entertained in this thriller, fans of fast-paced action and suspense will enjoy this potboiler. Turner knows how to keep a large number of characters and a multi-faceted plot (which includes espionage, kidnapping, assassination attempts, computer hacking, covert CIA operations, and feuds between rival gang leaders, to name a few) all moving along at a good clip without confusion. In short, this is a highly enjoyable novel that will have readers adding other works in the series to their reading list.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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