by Jim Hummel
Trafford Publishing

"On the way to the most fantastic adventure of all their cases.
The recipe that will cause many to join in the races."

When the Contessa’s shark butler arrives, he requests the detective sisters, Morgan and Parker, help in a new case to be paid in pearls. The sisters set off in search of the Contessa and find themselves on a peculiar adventure. They search the great ship—a pirate ship that just happens to be a flying ship where Captain Fox reveals the Contessa is aboard. The sisters outsmart the motley crew and rescue the Contessa, escaping with her secret cookie recipe. With the captors in pursuit, the sisters and the Contessa rely on the Contessa’s friends and spies to hide the recipe. They seek help from the mysterious Dragonfly as they continue to outsmart the pirates, and the Contessa’s powers are restored with a secret revealed to the sisters.

Hummel’s tale is an offbeat, whimsical story with a lively cast of characters. He is never too serious with the tone and presents his amusing scenarios with equally comical characters for an overall entertaining story. If one only follows the trajectory of the story by reading the two-line verses on each page, the book may seem a bit confusing at times. However, by reading the bubbled dialogue that accompanies the colorful illustrations one understands the story more clearly. Hummel shows good effort with the rhyme of the narrative, but the illustrations and dialogue are what make Hummel’s story stand out the most. The detailed, cartoonish visuals are engaging and sure to intrigue child and parent alike. One may find Hummel’s picture book a fun read with the kids.

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