Dreams Can Come True
by Daniel Britton
Author House

"Tom constantly begged his parents for a horse of his own, but every time they said no. 'We can't afford a horse, son,' his Dad would say. 'They aren't for the likes of us.'"

Dreams Can Come True, written by ex-banker and teacher, Daniel Britton, is the first in a series of stories intended to encourage children to embrace their unlimited potential to lead successful lives. Set in the mythical land of the Kingdom of Arbor, the story of Dreams Can Come True is an inspirational tale of a woodcutter's son who aspires to rise above his perceived lot in life and to one day own and ride a horse of his own, like the soldiers parade through the town square on their magnificent stallions.

Though the main character, Tom, is a young man, and not a child, the series is intended to appeal to children between the ages of 5-11, by offering basic guidance regarding the concepts of money, business, and enterprise, in the same way that the story of Cinderella engages young children—even though there are no young children featured as characters in the story—with the unified theme of overcoming adversity and dreaming of a better life. With the use of descriptive narrative, active verbs, and distinct scenes crafted to move the story forward, Dreams Can Come True comes alive for young readers as they follow Tom's path to understanding the importance of seeking a solution for his problem, by consulting with his rich uncle who encourages him to earn his own fortune by selling the wooden toys he has been carving in his leisure time when he is not helping his father the woodcutter.

Avoiding the use of a preachy tone or superfluous "moral" tacked on to the end of the story, which is so often the down fall of children's books which are written with a particular "fact based" educational goal, Britton's tale inspires creativity and imagination in the fewest words (i.e. making every word count by introducing a new inspirational approach to financial literacy.) And in the same way the Little Engine That Could—published over 70 years ago with millions of copies sold—is one of the greatest stories ever told for motivating children via the power of positive thinking... Britton's narrative teaches children the value of adopting a healthy self esteem and the importance of hard work, seeking mentorships, and developing an entrepreneurial spirit that will help them to succeed in their "business of life" while fulfilling their dreams and positively shaping their futures.

Fun to read and look at with its charming illustrations, Dreams Can Come True—whether children are being read to or absorbing the book alone—offers the basis of a sound financial education and the motivational incentives children need to become a part of the new models for success that are evolving in these current times of global economic upheavals.

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