Drowned in a Sea of Men
by Sue Gill

"Look, these bodily fluids aren't going near any of her orifices, you cretin. If she gets AIDS it'll be the old-fashioned way, from a horse's neck like you!"

Nia Connolly is a forensic psychic who calls herself a witch. She has been successful assisting the San Diego Police Department in catching serial killers. Up until now. The Bounty Hunter killer, so called because he takes body parts from his victims and dresses them in costumes, is proving to be elusive.

Nia and her partner, Bob Ringley, work together to get Nia into a mental state, known as a theta brain wave cycle, where a person is very relaxed but not asleep and which is monitored and measured by the use of an EEG. Add to that, items found on or in the victim are placed on the body of the “reader.” When in these states, Nia takes on the mind set and physical sensations, not of the killer, but of the victim. The sessions take a brutal toll on her.

Throughout the book, Ms. Gill introduces characters who both move the story along and provide the reader with misdirection as to the killer’s identity. All the characters are substantial and well written and they provide very tense parts of this story.

Eventually, the investigation takes Nia into to world of porno snuff films with some very explicit descriptions of sex and violence. As though this were not enough, Nia falls in love with a man who has been part of the snuff film world and turns out to be a suspect in the murders. He even turns up in some of Nia’s “reads.” Nia is a very likeable character and driven to solve the Bounty Hunter murders. Sometimes her efforts put her in very dangerous territory.

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