Early Brain Sprouts from States to Traits
by Meena Chintapalli, M.D. F.A.A.P.

"The greatest gift in life is the gift of human life."

From birth to age three, a child’s brain undergoes phenomenal growth. By the second birthday, the average brain has grown from 333 grams to 1,000 grams. Just one year later, the brain has established 90% of its pathways. Clearly, the first few years of life are crucial for all the rest of the years ahead of the child. Yet, modern society isn’t doing enough to capitalize on this sensitive period of growth, argues Dr. Chintapalli, and these shortcomings may contribute to developmental problems.

Dr. Chintapalli introduces the concept of educare, which is a holistic approach intended to allow children to grow and develop to their full potential. Physical health and nurturing, cognitive development, sensory stimulation, and socio-emotional resiliency are all crucial components of educare. At its core, her book is a mission to trigger the positive changes in the next generation that will naturally create a more ideal future society. By raising well-adjusted, emotionally intelligent, and typically developed children, Dr. Chintapalli theorizes that the future may be characterized by reduced incidence rates of neurobehavioral disorders, developmental disorders, substance abuse, violent crime, and other undesirable societal issues.

As a pediatrician with more than four decades of clinical experience, and as a mother herself, Dr. Chintapalli is well-positioned to share her thoughts on these matters. This book offers a helpful breakdown on neurodevelopment and best practices in early childhood education. The case studies, based on Dr. Chintapalli’s own clinical experiences, are a fascinating look at educare in action. Readers who are eager to put the author’s advice into practice right away are advised to jump toward the end where they will find a table on teaching techniques and numerous activities to try.

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