Earth Log
by Blaine C. Readler
Full Arc Press

"'Well,' she whispered to me, 'aren’t you the smart little guy.' I froze. What had I done? I collapsed, and curled into a ball."

Rascal is Joanne's pet ferret. He is perfectly normal aside from a series of mental curiosities that he has no memory of. Rascal has a special awareness, a logical consciousness, but he is compelled not to reveal it. Also, unlike a regular ferret, he resists sleeping throughout the day and feels he must never harm a human being. But why is he this way? Rascal examines the world around him and tries to make sense of his puzzling existence, but he also gets thrust into dangerous situations either by his own curiosity or as a victim of circumstance due to Joanne’s surprisingly dangerous life. But how can a ferret protect his beloved owner from sexual abusers, thieves, and con men? And perhaps most importantly, how can he save Joanne without revealing how much thought he is really capable of?

The narrative flow of this book is spaced out in a way that hooks readers within a page and leaves them guessing and re-guessing for the entire length of the story. Immediately, we understand what makes Rascal unique, particularly because he serves as the story’s honest and forthright narrator. Yet the answers to the questions that Rascal and the audience share grow more complicated and keep the reader engaged in the long-term. Meanwhile, each chapter serves as its own satisfying, self-contained adventure with drama and action. Every detail and choice of the author is deliberate in creating a story with true character and humanity (or whatever the ferret version of that is) that rings true and resonates with honesty and intent. Pick it up for the unique premise and stay for the surprise ending, but also be aware that this book offers so much more to enjoy than a simple payoff of its core mysteries.

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