"The tainted flesh of the good will devour the living. The hands of the good will build the Oblivion. The chains of the slave will secure the fall of life."

On a planet in a far away solar system, the marble city of Naydalt is celebrating. Their hero, the city's oldest humanoid inhabitant and namesake is entering the now finished city. It is a happy time until a comet descends from the sky bringing with it a strange terrifying creature with purple eyes and a blank dark space where it's head should be. It also brings a flight of dragons that attack Naydalt the City and it's residents. Naydalt the Humanoid and his friends have to battle the intruders and find out why they are attacking.

Chains of the Slave is long on action and description. One of the most original aspects is the antagonist, The Echos—an intimidating presence particularly with his faceless appearance suggesting that it could be anything or nothing. It is a conniving illusionist who disguises it's associates to have the advantage. Overall, Naydalt and his friends have little motivation for their actions. The reasons that the city's residents revere Nyaldalt so much remains unknown, and the plot moves from one fight to another without developing the characters beyond static figures. Still, Naydalt's fights with the dragons are filled with thrilling moments where he or the dragons gain the upper hand. There is some unique description as well. The City of Naydalt is imaginative with each building described as a monolith that is so new that one can see their reflection. This is a science fiction story that has potential.

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