"Anna, Tetu, and Elohim had been working together for eons and had advanced medical practices and technologies to levels that were formerly believed impossible, but restoring the broken body of Marduk back to life was something that could not yet be done, because of the way he died."

The atmosphere of the planet Eris is slowly thinning, and Anu, King of Heaven, calls a council of elders. Gold must be brought from Earth in order to build underground cities and save the population of Eris known as the Anunna, an advanced civilization who created mankind. Anu appoints his first-born son, Elohim, as a king of Eris while he steps down. However, Baalthazar, also a son of Anu, feels that Elohim doesn't deserve the crown. Trouble ensues as some of the Anunna are sent to Earth in spaceships to collect a sufficient amount of gold and silver for the building operations. They manipulate the existing humanity to their own ends to obtain the metals, while Marduk, first-born son of Elohim, is executed by the Anunna on Earth based on a scheme created by Baalthazar. However, the Anunna have the technology to revive Marduk, and he is reborn as Immanuel, another name for Jesus of Nazareth.

In this fascinating book, the author blends fact and fiction, while exploring the possibility that the humanity has been visited and influenced by aliens in the distant past, as referenced by the passages in the Bible and the Mahabharata, to name a few. He plays with the idea that there were once beings from another world who used their own DNA to create humanity. The story is fast-paced, and the plot keeps the reader glued to the page. The characters are well-fleshed out, and the reader can easily identify with the benevolent Anu, treacherous Baalthazar, or the wronged Marduk. The author's reference list is impressive, as is the way he intertwines fiction with factual information gleaned from his sources. This is a perfect book for lovers of science fiction.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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