Elohim III: The Return
by Kerry L. Barger

"In humans, the immediate effect of consuming the fruit of the knowledge of good and evil (Dragon Fire fruit or its extracts) is an increase in aggression."

In the stunning conclusion to the Elohim series, the reader finds out more about the Anunna aliens and their dealings with humanity. The author describes the Anunna as a highly-advanced civilization living on the distant planet Eris, but humans have largely ignored their existence. According to the author, the Eridians have created humans by fusing their own genes with lower hominid forms. In this final installment of the trilogy, Elohim, the ruler of the Anunna, Immanuel (resurrected Jesus), and their armies are planning an invasion to Earth to completely overturn our political and economic systems and assume a complete rulership over Earth's nations. Elohim's armies want to restore order in the world, but no one will know when they will arrive because of their superior cloaking devices and technology on their ships.

This fascinating book melds factual information, such as biblical facts, historical events, and technology with science fiction. The author's tone is readable and matter-of-fact, and each chapter contains inventive information, which will please SF&F aficionados, lovers of UFO mysteries and sightings, and people who like non-traditional interpretations of the Bible. Particularly of note were the author's origins of the manna, which was, according to the Bible, a food source fed to the starving Israelites in the desert. According to Barger, it is a fruit consumed by the Seraphim (dragons) on Eris. This is a fascinating portrayal of the origins of humanity and what lies ahead for us as a species, also a perfect read for lovers of UFO, biblical mysteries, and SF&F in general.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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