Emily and George
by Adena Trevor

"No one else could see him but George was Emily's best friend."

George is Emily's first friend, although imaginary. During the day, they play hide and seek and play ball with Emily's dog, Susie. At night and during nap, George joins Emily in her dreams and together they travel to faraway places to play with all types of baby animals. Yet with all this fun, George and Emily's favorite activity is reading. George can vividly describe to Emily places named in the storybooks as if he has personally visited each location.

Emily grows older and finally begins school. Emily now sees George less and less, eventually forgetting about George altogether. On Emily's sixth birthday, her mother throws her an exciting party with games, cake, and singing. That night, Emily has a dream about George hanging from her lampshade singing "Happy Birthday" to her. When Emily wakes, she finds her lost book of poems and knows in her heart George has visited once again.

Throughout this story of imagination, Trevor elaborately illustrates the fantasy world of children. She portrays a world where anything is possible and nothing is to be feared. Trevor creates a learning experience for children by describing in detail places Emily and George visit such as Paris, London, Venice, and the Grand Canyon. The author reveals in this heartwarming story how imaginary friends can be a creative outlet in children's lives. She has created a story for both adults and children. With her last lines in the story, Trevor illustrates that as we age our imaginations begin to narrow, but even as adults we have an outlet for imagination through our dreams.

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