by Lilian White
Stratton Press

"The stars in their splendor had decreed what the events of the world would be, every year, since time began."

In the 1920s, a shadowy organization known only as La Fatal came into existence with a mission of using the new field of genetics to breed a new species of human-animals to produce hybrid super soldiers. Overseeing both the FBI and the CIA, La Fatal recruits a series of assassins and scientists from the United States, Ireland, and Australia to achieve its ends. Following a cast of characters all the way from World War II to the dawn of the 21st century, the novel follows criminals, scientists, terrorists, assassins, and spies all jockeying for power in a rapidly-changing world. When La Fatal’s creations begin to revolt, it puts the lives of everyone involved in the conspiracy at risk and sparks a conflict that will determine the fate of all life on the planet.

The scope and breadth of this story is no small accomplishment. Following no fewer than four storylines that all intertwine through either La Fatal itself or the aftermath of its experiments, two generations, and five continents, the author keeps multiple plates spinning throughout the entire book, slowly weaving together a clearer picture of the ties that bind them. This book mixes in both real-world events and historical figures with the fictional narrative, giving readers a sense of familiarity while also surprising them with the twists and turns of La Fatal’s omnipresent influence. Readers who enjoy a suspenseful tale full of constant danger and unexpected developments will love watching this story unfold as it ramps up in intensity until the final chapter.

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