"All things are possible when we embrace change."

From insights about honor and responsibility to grassroots movements and political figures, this collection delivers slices of time, places, and everyday life that most people dare to overlook or never consider. What some may deem as mundanity becomes fruit for introspective picking in poems like "Crisis Management." Historical moments like 9/11 become quiet landmarks in "Fifth Anniversary of 9/11," and President Barack Obama's election marks a thumbs-up for America in "Barack Hussein Obama II Elected President." Even animals like the rhinoceros and the Komodo dragon take center stage in Zen-like verses that uplift nature above all else and remind readers that respect for one is respect for all, including wildlife.

With thought-provoking photography by Francisca Shannon Bouchee-Flores and a little-known poetic form utilized by the author, this collection is a unique read for poetry lovers of all ages. The plethora of topics briefly portrayed stands like proud individuals sharing their bold personalities with anyone willing to share their company. This collection is the perfect starting point for new poetry writers and poetry readers, and it is an experimental read for those well acquainted with the genre. Those readers seeking a quiet, spiritually enlightening read will appreciate the meditative experience this offers. This is a book that provides a verse or two for everyone. Its fusion of social and political commentary and observation with personal experience and pop culture is sure to leave readers reading it from cover to cover multiple times. By mixing the universe's niceties with poetic interpretations of personal memories, the entire collection pulls together and blazes brightly like a waving flame from a single lantern.

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