Enter the Abyss

by Eric Bonholtzer
Wise Bear Media

"Liam's heart lurched as simple rapping and knocking became full-fledged hammering blows, and the man in the coat looked strong. He's trying to get back in, Liam thought frantically, he's coming back for me."

Horror writer Clive Barker once said that "Horror fiction shows us that the control we believe we have is purely illusory, and that every moment we teeter on chaos and oblivion." This is true with award-winning author Eric Bonholtzer's collection of horror tales. His stories are permeated with a sense of mortality, centered on terrifying ordeals of danger or imminent death with a twist of irony. For each character, their belief in a sense of control is quickly lost when the horror of the situation they face grips them and eventually takes control.

In the award-winning tale, "A Grave Situation," a man's optimism leads to resentment and greed that befalls him. In "Body Bag," a man finds himself in a strange and unexpected liaison with the law. In "A Briefcase of Horror" an overburdened lawyer seals his fate with a spur of the moment decision. And in "Angel of Mine" a young girl's prayers are answered from the beyond.

These stories and many more are perfect to satisfy those cravings for mystery, chills and thrills. Enter the Abyss is a timely collection of tales of suspense and horror befitting the Halloween season. Bonholtzer's stories are creepy, sinister and otherworldly, built with apprehension and underscored by the darker sides of humanity. He doesn't just rely on typical ghost stories to haunt, but rather finds the terror in everyday, ordinary situations that seems inspired by and something akin to a Stephen King novel. Read them late at night, at your own risk.

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