Eris Adrift
by Bruce Post
Amazon Digital Services LLC

"The White House, as in building, no longer exists. It was burned to the ground a week ago. The Capitol building was blown up."

While a massive cruise ship with more than thirty decks named Eris is touring the Caribbean Sea, rioting erupts in Eastern Europe and soon spreads throughout the world. It seems that the bee colony collapse has led to mass starvation, and starving people go on a destructive rampage. Television news goes off the air, radio silence ensues, and captain and crew of the Eris realize that they are absolutely on their own. Isolated and cut off from the world, the nine-hundred passengers and crew of the Eris struggle to stay alive in a world given over to anarchy and madness. Coping with the loss of family back on the mainland, learning to live with rationed supplies, and even fending off attacks by marauding pirates are just some of the challenges these survivors must face.

Told from varying viewpoints, this tale of the result of an ecological disaster is a gripping narrative of the horribly possible. The plot of this novel is survival amidst a world descended into chaos. The author has a knowledge of cruise ships and maritime terminology that lends verisimilitude to the story. His characters are believable, with human needs in the face of the unthinkable being adroitly rendered with a judicious amount of pathos. The themes are relevant to today’s ecological challenges and help portray possible outcomes if current crises are not successfully dealt with. There is a palpable sense of suspense as this writer parcels out the problems that such a floating city might encounter in a post-apocalyptic world. Atavistic relapses into barbarity are just some of the challenges these characters encounter. This is an emotionally gripping rendering of a possible future.

RECOMMENDED by the US Review

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