Escape from Manhattan
by Georgia Love
Trafford Publishing

"Imagine the good for humanity when this energy is finally used to heal our planet and the people from Nuclear Radiation, from diseases, from the crippling effects of aging, and from birth defects."

Psychic and futurist Georgia Love's Escape from Manhattan is a compelling transition between two worlds: the mortal world and the world of spirits. Based on a true story, the main character, Candy Brown, stumbles upon the details of the World Trade Center bombings—six months before they happen. When she records the Boardroom conversations, she also realizes that Harry Hall and Walter Brown, among others, are starting a fake nursing home—Brenda's Care Home—where the elderly are sent to die. In return, Hall and Brown are paid an enormous sum, averaging $10,000 per month. Clearly, Candy believes she has incriminating evidence to thwart both the potential terrorist attacks and the nursing home conspiracy. Despite informing detectives and other authority figures, however, she is ignored and in immediate danger from terrorists.

Midway through the book, Escape from Manhattan takes a distinctly metaphysical twist capped by the revelation that Candy has psychic abilities, much like her mother. Moreover, she and her Aunt Amie are guided to safety in Alberta by the spirit of her mother. From here to the end, Love's futuristic tendencies are on full display, particularly with the Forth Dimension researchers (e.g. Tim Bears-Den, Grant Stallion, etc.) and the discovery of the High-frequency Active Aural Research Program (HAARP), which not only possesses the energy to thwart terrorist attacks, but to cure the myriad ailments of the material world. From the Third-Eye Chakra giving individuals special foresight into the future, to Marie Rothman's Healing Blanket, Georgia Love's purpose in revealing these paranormal objects and writing the book as a whole is to "bring psychics and scientists together to understand that they are working with the same energy from the Forth Dimension."

Escape from Manhattan is an intriguing piece of clairvoyant literature that not only shows that humanity is constantly guided and protected by the spirit world, but also opens up the possibility of new energy and a new world devoid of illnesses and society's vice.

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